About us:


The firm "Stach-Gont" is a sole proprietorship. It was established in October 10th, 1997. "Stach-Gont" offers a wide range of roof services. The main activity is the production and installation of roof shingles. Another activity is production and installation of roof rafters; also roof repairs including painting, conservation and insulation of lofts.

"Tiles and sheet metal for roof shingles are not scary
So use it on your roof if you're smart my fellow"

The family tradition of roof shingle production goes back several generations. Thanks to the fact of contemporary trend towards old things a greater interest in this type of roofing can be observed. A former style and environmentally friendly products are more appreciated.

"Neither snow nor rain is scary for you
If there are Stach's roof shingles on your roof"

Cracow, Poznań, Gdańsk or Warsaw are regions which are especially prone to a fashion for renovation of old houses. The purchase of old houses or country manors involves renovation, but also application of some original changes in order to return them to their former splendour. It follows that there is a demand for products such as roof shingles and for renovation services.

"They come and install roof shingles whenever you want to
So don't be a miser and invest your money
And soon all your worries will go away"

"Stach-Gont" is one of the biggest producers of roof shingles in Nowotarski County. Natural raw materials, that is wood of high quality (fir and spruce), come from Małopolska.

"When it's time to make a roof, don't worry
There is someone in Orawa whose job it is to do it
He will come, bring roof shingles and make a beautiful roof for you.
And where there is a problem, he will quickly repair it"

We not only guarantee reliability and professional timely installation, but also technical assistance and advice and transport as well.

"The most beautiful roof in the world
Only Stach can make"

According to Mr Stanisław Karczmarczyk roof shingles are safe and unfailing even after 50 years of usage. This is possible thanks to appropriate technology and to the fact that in recent years significant changes in the development of wood protective agents have taken place.